Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm still a photographer, I promise.

I've been looking at all your work, and I've been astounded! Such inspiring stuff.
I haven't been shooting much here in Boston yet, but things are starting to pick up and
ironically, I'm about to be shipped back to the Midwest next week to cover the aftermath of the floods.
Hope you all are doing well, drop me a line when you get the chance and check back soon for stuff from
Iowa, Illinois or Missouri.

PS: Does anybody know why they call this place Beantown?


Jeronimo Nisa said...

I'll be looking forward to that.
Watched some Celtics-Lakers action hoping to see you on the sidelines...

katie said...

never heard of beantown! and, i'm glad you're still alive and well (well = shooting). ;) miss you!!

Cat Szalkowski said...

boston baked beans! :) hope you are doing well!

Sally Morrow Photojournalism said...

Ann- please call me if you come to iowa! Sally M