Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

So things are winding to a close for many of us, and we're all moving on to our prospective jobs and internships, hoping one day we may finally defend the big project and get the degree in hand (props to those few who'll be walking soon). This may be sappy, and as Abby put it, one of those, 'Aww shucks...' moments, but I'm going to go there anyway. I have been continually awed and inspired by the people I've met and worked with over the past two years. I'll be hard pressed to find so many amazing photographers working in one building. And the level of commitment that you guys have towards good journalism and making damn fine pictures has blown me over and pushed me forward in so many ways. You have my respect, admiration and gratitude. Considering how small the world of photojournalism is, I'm sure I'll cross paths with many of you again... I certainly hope so.


zs said...

Ann! You've been the best! Are we not to meet again? I forsee great things in your future and hope you stay in touch with me. I'll be needing advice, you know. Good luck at the Monitor, friend.

Sally Morrow Photojournalism said...

My thoughts exactly. Even though I'm all the way in Mexico by are all still close to my thoughts. Thanks for posting this...and for our last cigarette.

katie said...

well i don't care what positive spin you put on it, this sucks big time. i guess we couldn't all live in columbia and be grad students forever... i say let's take over the workshops next. ;)

i miss you already girl... good luck this summer!